Men's bicycles

Our selection of men's bicycles can, broadly speaking, be divided in three models:

  • Bicycles with a brake hub and without gears
  • Bicycles with hand brakes and 7 gears
  • Sports bikes with 24 gears

We offer various types of each model, meaning that the bicycle you will be provided with may differ from the below pictures.

All our bicycles are of the highest quality and in solid working order.


This aluminium Men's bicycle with coaster brake features a hub dynamo and a closed chain guard and is available with a frame 61 cm high.

Herenfiets 7 Versnellingen   Orange C7plus Black

This aluminium men's bicycle with 7 gears features a hub dynamo and a springy fork and seatpost for additional comfort. The manually adjustable stem allows for the perfect seating posture when riding the bicycle. The chain guard is closed and the bicycles are available with frame heights of 57 and 61 cm.

Heren Sportfiets 24 Versnellingen

This aluminium men's sports bicycle is ideal for longer trips. The springy fork and seatpost provide additional comfort and its 3x8 gears (derailleur) allows for easy cycling everywhere.


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